Affiliating With Edonkey

We  create you your own advertising campaign and it follows your registered users around the site. Any page they visit and see an Ad, you get paid. You upload the jobs, share them and we share the revenue that is created. Passive, residual income. What is the revenue share? Fancy a chat with an Affiliate? Click the Book Consult button.

Even Steven...

We can’t see any fairer split than 50/50. We both have our skills and utilise them in a creative way. For the affiliates that perform exceptionally we will go to a 75% you and 25% us.

There are other monetisation streams as well. You could earn 50% of any package that you sell. You could also start blogging, perhaps you have skills that people would love to learn? You would earn 50% of any revenue generated.

Affiliation Explained

We need to do a few things to get you onboard as an affiliate. We haven’t come across another site yet doing similar. Boring techy stuff. Put simply setting permissions on elements so that you and you recruits see them correctly.


We create you a Recruiter account. You get a Recruiter Account page with Candidate & Employer registration forms. This allows for your recruits to be served your content. Their eyes on the screen equals money in your account. Which other Job’s Portal literally pays you for your traffic? None!


Have you got any followers?

Perhaps you already have a following and you could become our influencer? Drive traffic, passive income. They join, you earn!

Spaces are limited so get in touch quickly to see if we can work together. If you have the skills and drive we would love to meet.

AdSense Campaign

In AdSense we create an Ad Campaign and then we add that code to your relevant pages. Like most things on edonkey it is done with the least amount of working parts.


As soon as one of your recruits, be it Candidate or Employer log in and start seeing ads. You start Earning (if your Recruit reads one of our Bloggers’ posts then the Blogger gets the Ad revenue generated, all other pages and jobs will be yours). You supply us with a G Mail account that isn’t already associated with AdSense and we give you viewer’s access. This way you can keep an eye on your earnings, directly within AdSense.


We would create you an AdSense campaign and your own posts template and any posts that you write for us would contain your ad. We then split any revenue earned 50/50. A nice little side hustle.


Consultation Booking

We are the only Jobs’ Portal that integrates a booking system. This means you can provide Job Coach services to your Recruits.

We utilise a most excellent free booking system. It does have paid upgrade options. For edonkey’s requirements the free system is more than adequate. We aid you in setting up your own booking account and integrating it on to your page on our site.

You can also earn by selling packages from  How many business people do you know? All of them are potential monthly income.

Read your commitments as an AdSense Publisher

Sound interesting?

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and are always online with a large social network, then you could earn some serious money. In essence we are offering you the chance to run your own display advertising network (DAN). Drive traffic, earn money. AdSense brings you lots of customers and none of the admin.

You must adhere to our code of pratice and more importantly not breach AdSense policies and procedures. There are some good explainer videos on YouTube, just have a look. A little imagination and you could have be on to a winner!

Sign in with Google?

Being that our engines are pretty much all Google powered then it seemed obvious to use Google Workspace to manage all of our admin.

Join edonkey with the same G Mail account

The reason for this is we shae a folder in G Drive with your monthly earnings report. Plus this the email you will be given access to our AdSense account.

If we are a good fit

You’ll receive an affiliation link, when sent the joining link, choose a Username on edonkey instead of your email account as your Username. The reason for this is that when when we run a competition we use a G Sheet of Usernames and Google Random Number to choose a winner! Get in touch & see if we click.

Then recruit Candidates & Employers. Residual Income!

Imagine laying on a beach, all of your recruits are busily using edonkey (Google Cloud Powered so ultra reliable!). Your money is just accumulating with every impression. When someone sees an ad that interests them, the money can seriously increase if they click and convert. Browse the site, sign up, purchase goods.

Do you want the most excellent Productivity Suite with a discount?

Get everything done with a range of tools that are perfect to suit your requirements. Sheets, Forms, Docs, Slides to name but a few of the many amazing Google products.

Perhaps you just want the familiarity of GMail? Your corporatet email within the brilliance of GMail? We can arrange that as well. If it is Google, we can help achieve your goals.

Got any questions?

Request a code or ask us any questions that you may have and we’ll get back to you ASAP at the provided email.