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Affiliate with edonkee

We create you your own job template. This means that we can create you your own advertising campaign. You upload the jobs, share them and we share the revenue that is created. Passive, residual income. What is the revenue share?

68% you 32% edonkee

For every ad displayed Google pay edonkee 68%. We figured if it works for them, then it should work for us. You get the 68%, even if someone arrives at our site through another medium than your link. We still give you 68% revenue share on that job.

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A word from our sponsors

Sound like a bit of you?

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and are always online with a large social network, then you could earn some serious money. In essence we are offering you the chance to run your own advertising display network.

You must adhere to our code of pratice and more importantly not breach AdSense policies and procedures. There are some good explainer videos on YouTube, just have a look.