Introducing edonkey

We are a one-stop job portal for both Candidates & Employers. Our functionality is excellent and our build quality is exceptional. We utilise the power of: Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Storage, & Google Workspace. This means that we can remain certain that when tomorrow comes, our servers will be ticking along nicely. We never have to worry about our tech because Google are dealing with it.

We have designed the site to be easily navigated and the usability is really simple. It is fully responsive no matter which device it is viewed on. This means that we don’t have to maintain both a website and an app and you don’t need yet another app on your phone.

Looking for work shouldn’t be hard work. edonkey simplifies the entire process. All Candidate & Employer services are FREE FOR LIFE!

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Recruiters you can affiliate with us if you are a good fit (spaces are limited). What does affiliation mean?

Whenever one of your Recruits logs in and see and Ad on any page it will be linked to an AdSense Ad Campaign in your name and we split any revenue earned from impressions/clicks 50/50. We give you viewer access to our AdSense account. This way you can monitor your earnings yourself.

If you post and share jobs as much as possible, you have more content to share and you could earn some extra residual income. The amount you earn depends entirely on the impressions/clicks/device/location. Read more…

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Featured Resumes & Listings

We don’t do these. If we charged then our users would meet a paywall. There is nothing to buy on edonkey.

If you think about it, you pay to feature your listing to get to the top. Then 1 minute later, someone else features their same category listing and go the top, then 1 minute later…..

We could have implemented featured through a monthly draw. We just like that everyone gets treated equally no matter their financial status.

Employers can freely search Candidate’s Resumes and contact them with no limits. Check out how much that costs on other platforms. 

edonkey is the first fully functional free for life Job’s Portal. So whether you are a Candidate or Employer, get registered today.

No Payment Walls Encountered, (Ever).

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Social Media

We feature your brand across our Social Media platforms. This has several benefits to your brand.

  1. Our audiences are introduced to your brand
  2. Your site address gets shared, thus increasing your inbound links. This is very good for your SEO.
  3. Will increase your Social Media followers.
  4. Keep your followers updated on new jobs etc

So let’s link up and see how we can promote each others brands through backlinking and mentions on Social Media. We can also help you with SEO & Social Media Campaigns to raise your brand awareness.

disability committed

Disability Confident Committed

Disability Confident is creating a movement of change, encouraging employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people. Being Disability Confident is a unique opportunity to lead the way in your community, and you might just discover someone your business cannot do without.

Ensure Inclusivity & Accessibility

This needs to be handlded in the following ways:

  1. ensuring against discrimination
  2. making job adverts accessible
  3. providing information in accessible formats (for example, large print)
  4. accepting applications in alternative formats (for example, electronically)
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Google Powered; WordPress Masterpiece!

To ensure excellent quality we utilise the power of Google & the excellence of WordPress. We have created the site in-house so can affect changes as and when necessary. How much are you paying for your website? Fancy a free for life WordPress site and SSL? Get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Our website is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. The majority of the images on our site are stored on Google Cloud Storage and called up through HTML. This lightens the load on our server, thus optimising the performasnce.

Our administration is G Drive (Google cloud based productivity suite). This unification of Google services ensure that we keep everything to as few moving parts as possible. Plus the costs are ridiculously low in comparison to other providers.